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optimumMe™ is a mobile wellness application that delivers prescribed exercise and wellness programs to you. Designed for the PT patient or wellness seeker of all ages, the app features a clinical prescription interface that provides medical and fitness professionals with access to your health assessment data —which enables them to design optimum programs. You can access your customized program on your iPhone, record your exercise results and completion and provide private feedback to your therapist.

This increased collaboration allows optimumMe™ physical therapists and professionals to provide you with more optimized, flexible and effective care.


optimumMe™ assessments provide you with information to recover from injury or reach new life goals. This science-based data can also be used by health and fitness professionals to prescribe you optimal training programs.


This non-invasive assessment will help wellness professionals and physical therapists evaluate your risk of developing heart disease. HEART is a 10-minute questionnaire combined with physical measurements (blood pressure, hip circumference, hip-to-waist ratio, BMI, VO2) that have been correlated with increased cardiovascular risk. Your HEART score gives your practitioner a baseline to design a program for you. The score ranges from 0-100 and the lower the score, the better.


This assessment is a series of physical measures to evaluate your general functions and correct impairments that could lead to injury. Once you are assessed, you are given a baseline START score and exercises prescribed to help improve your score and reduce your risk of injury. The score ranges from 0-100; the higher the score the better.