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Empowering Your Health and Fitness Journey

Sports Training and Readiness Test

This science-based assessment is a series of research-based physical measures performed to assess your general function, to discover and correct impairments that lead to injury. Once assessed, you are given a baseline START score that ranges for 0-100, and the higher the score the better you perform. With the START assessment, the client receives a science-based customized strength and flexibility program based on the START score.

12-Week Strength and Flexibility START Program

This 12-week strength and flexibility program is based on the results of your START assessment; your own strengths and weaknesses.  The program is created by Doctors of Physical Therapy and will include exercises that are essential to achieving functional joint stability, improve flexibility, increase strength production while minimizing the risk for injury.

Assessment Benefits

Improved Flexibility

Increased Strength

Reduced Risk of Injury

Health Education and Risk Test

This science-based assessment is a non-invasive way of assessing your risk for developing cardiovascular disease and the stress you are putting on your heart. It includes a 10-minute questionnaire combined with bio measures (BMI, Resting Heart Rate, Waist-to-Hip Ratio, Blood Pressure, V02 Max Field Test) that have been correlated with increased cardiovascular risk. Your overall HEART score ranges from 0-100 and the lower the score, the lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. With the HEART assessment summary, the client receives individual measure recommendations and a customized cardiovascular program based on the assessment results. 

12-Week Cardiovascular HEART Program

The 12-week cardiovascular program is a detailed daily metabolic program that is based on your HEART assessment. This program is developed using your individualized heart rate zones, based-off your own specific physiology. You will decrease body fat and your risk for cardiovascular disease while minimizing your risk for injury AND increasing performance.

Assessment Benefits

Helps You to Develop a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Weight Loss

Reduced Cardiac Risk